On Buying Art

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In art perception is everything. There is all sorts of art out there, from all corners of the globe. From the weird to the wonderful; from the really sublime to the truly incomprehensible. Here, beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. There is no such thing as good art or bad art. Even art experts cannot agree. So how do you choose what art to buy? It’s simple. If you like a painting, it lifts the space where it is placed, at home or at work; it says something to you and to others, and if people that see it remember it afterwards, then it's good art. Don’t get taken in by the hype or the snobbery of the art world. Go with your own personal instinct.


Consider the context when choosing art. A painting works in relation to the rest of the room; the size, the general style, colours, the furniture, the wall finish, other accessories and of course your own personal aesthetics. Abstract paintings work well with a modern theme, trees and flowers work better in a contemporary or a traditional setting. If you are an animal lover perhaps a painting of a dog in a cozy corner. Keep it personal. Your wall your way.


 "Citadel 2" Abstract Cityscape Painted in Acrylic on Canvas.
Size: 39" x 39" -100cm x 100cm. Retail $100



How-to-buy-Art | OLIVIA'S LOFT | Metro Brights | Hand Painted City Skyline | Affordable Hand Painted Art
Abstract City Skyline Art in a Modern Style Living Room.

Painting: "Metro Brights" Size 40" x 20" Retail $95

How-to-buy-Art | OLIVIAS LOFT | Metro Brights Hand Painted $90


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Farm House Chic - Add a Rustic Touch.

Painting: "Under The Shade" Size 24"x 24" $80

How-to-buy-Art | OLIVIA'S LOFT  | Painting of Tree | Teal Tree Painting | Under The Shade | Affordable Hand Painted Art

Olivia's Loft | "Waiting" | Art-under-$100 | adorable-dog-painting | cute-dog-painting | cool-dog-lovers-gift
Make it Cozy.

Painting of Dog: "Waiting" Size 31" x 24" Retail $80

How-to-buy-Art | Olivia's Loft | Painting of Dog | Cute Dog | Hand Painted | Affordable Art | Men's Best Friend Painting | Gift for Dog Lovers