Meet the Artists

Anthony Tyler: Based in South Surrey BC, Tyler is creative in many fields including art, woodwork and metal work. Utilising many traditional methods, and combining them with modern techniques, Tyler likes to mix different styles to create unique pieces.


Karen Colville: Born in a small rural town in Ontario, Karen now calls Vancouver her home, a  place of retreat and healing. She expresses her feelings with visionary art encompassing cross cultural influences infused with a unified connection with the natural world.


Michael Perks: Based in Vancouver, Michael has drawn and sketched everything from landscapes to portraits, still life to cartoons since a very young age. Through his art, he endeavors to convey a message of hope for the future.


Ferdinand Amboy: Ferdie is a self-taught painter. Oil and acrylic on canvas are his favorite. Most of his works are done using vibrant colors, forming clear representation of objects, nature and daily life.