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Olivia's Loft | Affordable Original Art | Marc Chagall | Hand Painted Art from $50

Hello and Welcome to OLIVIA'S LOFT.  Inspired by the Group of Seven (Algonquin School), the group of Canadian painters from 1920’s, we are a collective of forward thinking creative individuals, artists, and designers, based on the West Coast of Canada, seeking to develop unique, beautiful, and original art and art related products that are also affordable and authentic.

Hand painted art in particular has always had an awe-inspiring appeal. Original art adds uniqueness and immense personality to a room or an office. Whenever we look at an original painting it triggers certain thoughts and feelings, as we decipher the artist's ideas and emotions, expressed not verbally, but through his or her art craft. It's a unique one-on-one conversation. However, the prohibitive cost of original hand painted art is a major drawback in acquiring it, costing from the hundreds, and into the thousands of dollars.

OLIVIA'S LOFT | AFFORDABLE HAND PAINTED ART | "For My Love" Size 35" x 24" $90

Some of the the art which we have liked in the past cost upwards of $1,000. We are not talking about the famous and the great; or dead artists whose art appreciates greatly over the years. We are talking about every day, hand painted individual art created by living artists; none of whom are household names, but are still very expensive. This prompted us to learn and understand the art business. We made it our mission to create original art at an affordable cost, while still maintaining the painter's passion, originality and artistic integrity. 

OLIVIA'S LOFT | Affordable Original Art | "Flora Vista" Size 35" x 24" $90


The result is OLIVIA'S LOFT, a collective of talented artists working together to create quality and detailed hand painted art, comparable to high end art galleries, with an average price of $100.

Who is Olivia? Olivia is an imaginary “muse” that we would all love to have as a best friend. She is creative, witty, well informed, highly skilled and full of unique insights and original ideas about design and home. We love going to her cozy, chic and stylish loft for ideas, inspiration and fun.

All art lovers are welcome. Fill your bare walls with interesting and personalized art at affordable prices.

Thanks for reading,