Why Our Prices Are Low

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How do we manage to create hand painted original art for low prices? Unlike other products there is no proper costing method in pricing art. Generally, you pay for the art gallery's commission, the artist's talent & time, and a certain cache associated with the art gallery and the artist's name. The cost of materials in art such as the canvas and the paints is not a major factor. The art gallery takes around 50% of what you pay. That's a big chunk, you might think. Art galleries are expensive to operate, and are usually located in upmarket parts of a city with high property costs.  If you pay $5,000 for a painting, $2,500 goes to the artist and the art gallery keeps $2,500. How does an artist decide that his or her painting is worth $2,500? After speaking to many artists in various countries this is what they told us: The time that the artist spends on a painting is the major determinant of the price.

Generally, the more time a painting takes, the higher the cost. An artist will try to to sell a painting that took a month to paint for a higher price, than one that took a week. In that respect art is no different to any other profession. Time is money, whether you are a plumber, a lawyer or even an artist. However, not all artistic hours are created equal. More time spent on a painting does not necessarily result in better art. Take two artists, both are equally talented, but paint at different speeds. One artist can spend weeks on a painting. The second artist can do a painting of equal size and complexity in just a few hours. Yet the detail, artistic merit and passion behind both pieces are comparable. If you calculate the cost of labour per hour, per painting, for both pieces, then the slower painter’s art could run into thousands of dollars, while the faster painter’s piece would cost significantly less, maybe a couple of hundred dollars. Yet, both pieces merit equal consideration and could be sold for the same price. This is the crux of the matter. A large number of artists pay little heed to the concept of time. Leonardo Da Vinci took four years to paint the Mona Lisa. Even then he was not satisfied with it, and continued tinkering with it for another eight to ten years! According to the art historian Thomas Henry, Da Vinci later in his life, is said to have regretted "never having completed a single work". Luckily for Da Vinci, he came from a rich family and was well connected; he did not depend on the sale of his art to pay for living expenses. The majority of artists are not so fortunate

The solution to lowering the cost of art is twofold: Firstly, bypass the expensive art gallery setup. We are an online operation with significantly lower operating costs. Secondly, we only work with highly talented, time conscience, disciplined and prolific artists guided by some cost accounting principles into their artistic output, without discouraging their artistic integrity; or quashing their talent and passion. Guided by this model we have been able to work with a group of highly talented artists that fit our criteria, resulting in art costing no more than $200, and even as little as $50. It is comparable to the sort of art for which we would have happily paid $1000 and more. This is the basis of our business. Our customers are happy as they are able to buy high quality individually hand painted art at a significantly lower cost. Our artists are happy as they are able to get a consistent income while putting out regular work.

Join us on this journey as we endeavour to make original art more affordable. 

"Joyful Day" Floral Painting in Acrylic on Canvas. Size: 39" x 39" -  100cm x100cm. $100. Hand painted and signed by an individual painter from the OLIVIA'S LOFT collective of artists.